Dokumentiert: Die Aussage von Tim Cook im Fortnite Verfahren

Hier dokumentieren wir die Aussage von Tim Cook im Verfahren Epic vs. Apple.

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers: At the beginning of your testimony, you indicated that you wanted to focus on users. I’ve seen evidence that a significant portion of revenue from in-app purchases comes from gamers. Have you seen evidence to that effect?

Apple CEO Tim Cook: I have, your honor.

Rogers: And it’s incredibly significant — compared to all other users, revenue is coming from gamers more than anyone else, am I right in my current understanding?

Cook: The majority of the revenue on the App Store comes from games.

Rogers: And in-app purchases in particular, right?

Cook: Correct.

Rogers: The other thing you said is that you want to give users control.

Cook: Right. For their data.

Rogers: So what is the problem with allowing users to have choice, especially in a gaming context, to have a cheaper option for content?

Cook: I think they have a choice today. They have a choice between many different Android models of smartphone or an iPhone, and that iPhone has a certain set of principles behind it, from safety and security to privacy.

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