Dokumentiert: Das Meeting des McMinn County Board of Education, in dem dieses „Maus“ verbannte

Das McMinn County Board of Education hat das Buch Maus von Art Spiegelman aus den Schulen des County verbannt. „Maus. Die Geschichte eines Überlebenden“ (Originaltitel: Maus. A Survivor’s Tale) ist ein Comic von Art Spiegelman, der schwarz-weiß im Stil eines Undergroundcomics die Geschichte seines Vaters, eines Auschwitzüberlebenden, und seiner Mutter erzählt und nebenbei eigene Reaktionen festhält. Der Comic wurde von der Kritik hoch gelobt und gilt bis heute als eine der ambitioniertesten und besten Graphic Novels. 1992 wurde Spiegelman für Maus als erster Comic-Autor überhaupt mit einem Pulitzer-Preis ausgezeichnet.

Wir dokumentieren hier das Protokoll des Meetings.

McMinn County Board of Education
Called Meeting
January 10, 2022, 5:30 p.m.

The McMinn County Board of Education met in a Called Meeting on Monday, January 10, 2022, at 5:30 p.m. at the McMinn County Center for Educational Excellence. Attendance was as follows:

Rob Shamblin- Present
Tony Allman- Present
Jonathan Pierce- Present
Donna Casteel- Present
Mike Lowry- Present
Mike Cochran- Present
Sharon Brown- Present
Quinten Howard- Present
Bill Irvin- Present
Denise Cunningham- Present

Chairman Brown called the meeting to order and presented the agenda. Tony Allman made the motion to accept the agenda, Quinten Howard seconded. A unanimous voice vote was recorded, and the motion carried. There were no requests to address the Board.

1. Discussion on Eighth Grade ELA Curriculum


Chairman Brown asked Director Parkison to address the Board.

Director Parkison- The values of the county are understood. There is some rough, objectionable language in this book and knowing that and hearing from many of you and discussing it, two or three of you came by my office to discuss that. I consulted with our attorney, Mr. Scott Bennett. After consulting with him, we decided the best way to fix or handle the language in this book was to redact it. Considering copyright, we decided to redact it to get rid of the eight curse words and the picture of the woman that was objected to.
I am certainly not an expert in ELA, we have people that do this every day, and I would like to call on them to explain to you, what they have explained to me, and that is our two instructional supervisors, Mrs. Julie Goodin and Mr. Steven Brady. Last year we only had one supervisor that was in charge of PreK all the way through eighth grade, Mrs. Melasawn Knight and she is familiar with this curriculum also. I would like to call on all of them to give a lot more detail than I can.
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