Spam: Corona Virus – Do this before it’s too late…

Klar, dass auch Spam Versender versuchen, aus dem Corona Virus Profit zu schlagen. Informationen aus solchen E-Mails sollten Sie aber auf keinen Fall trauen.

The coronavirus has reached a tipping point…

80,000 cases across 36 countries…

and it spreads EXPONENTIALLY.

Sorta like compound interest…

You know how fast that grows if you’ve got credit cards.

In math exponential growth is the most mind-boggling kind of growth

e.g. Multiply 80,000 by 80,000 what do you get? 6.4 billions people…

That’s the world’s population…

The global population has been threatened before and it will be
threatened again…

But there is a group of people who will always survive no matter
how many people are dying around them…

A group of people that will be immune from the coronavirus.

A group of people that don’t even have to watch the TV updates about it.

And that group of people…

Are the people who watch this video

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P.S. The information you’ll find in that video is not being told to you by your
government. Why? Because they don’t want to create a national riot.
People will be angry when they realize how long the government has kept
this info from us.

But it’s better late than never.

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