Spam: U.S. President Donald Trump Ordered „Emergency Meeting“

Um welches wundersame Gerät es hier gehen soll, ist mir auch nicht ganz so ganz klar – aber den Link klicke ich besser nicht an.


Rumours say Trump called a secret emergency meeting at

the White House after learning about this weirdo device.

Electric companies have already gathered an army of lawyers

to take it down.
I’m not sure if you aware or not… but the information on

this website I’m about to share with you today

will change American lives forever:


Never again pay a single cent to the big energy moguls
with this simple, yet efficient „gizmo“… and be among the

select 2% of the population that has already stepped

into the new free energy era.

Speak soon!
James Albert Canuy

P.S. I really recommend you stop what you’re doing right now
and watch this short presentation. I don’t know how much
longer they can leave it up.

Global Millionaires Trader LLC,3788 Oakwood Avenue, NY, 10011
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