Spam: Mail von Lee ko Quin

Kommt nach der Nigeria Connection die Korea Mafia?

Dear friend,

I am the foreign operations director of the Bank of Korea. My name is Lee ko Quin. I have a sensitive and private offer from the top executive to seek your partnership in re-profiling some offshore investment funds worth 11.5M U.S.D (Eleven Million five hundred thousand United States Dollars) I am constrained however to withhold most of the details for now. This is a legitimate transaction.

If we agree on the terms you will be given 15% of the total funds, If you are interested please write back via email Providing me your personal details and phone number for further directives.

If you are interested and willing to render your assistance please respond via my private email address stated below.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards,
Lee ko Quin

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