Spam: (GOLD BAR AND FUND) Interested To Invest In Your Country

Bei dieser Spam Mail hat sich aber jemand richtig viel Mühe gegeben und viel geschrieben…

Hello, I have decided to contact you after viewing your details and as a result of the urgency this transaction is deemded at the moment which I will be glad if you can read the attach urgent notification from the Holding Credit General.
It is extremely a matter of life and death presently in Libya as the Armed Rebels have kidnapped Libyan Prime Minister, Mr Ali Zeidan at dawn on Thursday and took him to an undisclosed location but was later released unharmed. Since then, the message is very clear and loud. If the armed rebels could kidnap a minister guarded with the armed military men, what is now the faith of a common man and woman on the street of Libya? The answer is very simple, Absolutely there is no hope. So to say, the only alternative of staying alive is to move out of this country to a country where freedom of movement and right to live is still respected by you assisting me over this project. I know internet is not the right place to establish contact over this project because of scams evil people has been using internet to deceive innocent people. So for you to be sure you are dealing with honest person, in think there should be a meeting for us to know ours-elf properly and the truth of the transaction.

It is unfortunate that we should meet like this, possibly, be in this transaction together. Although, I haven’t much time but the short period is enough to explain to you about this deal.

Having know the origin of this fund, i don’t need to remind you on how important it is to keep it’s existence top secret. You don’t have to discuss this project with anybody and that includes even your best friend. I said this because any possible leakage will possible lead to confiscation of the fund. Therefore, it will be to our own advantages to make the secret water tight. However, one of the most difficult things to build in this world is trust and one of the greatest pain to be experienced on earth is betrayal of trust. I have tried all my possible best not to make the mistake of contacting a wrong person for this transaction. I fasted and prayed with my entire family for months before finally deciding to contact someone for assistance since we can not accomplish the transaction on our own. That was when you were chosen by divine intervention to render the needed assistance for the project both financially and otherwise. We met by a mere coincidence and tha t was exactly what i prayed for a

Since the kidnapping of the Libyan defense minister Zidanm things have never been the same here in Libya. Zidanm’s office manager, the defense minister’s son and several judges have been kidnapped. Activists and clerics who speak out against militias have been gunned down, as have at least 100 security or military officers. At the same time, al-Qaida-inspired militias are spreading. The group Ansar al-Shariah, which is believed to be behind last year’s attack on a U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi that killed the ambassador and three other Americans, is increasing its strength not only in Benghazi, but in cities further west like Sirte and Ajdabiya. Libya now is passing through a complete defragmentation on the political and security. Again, Unidentified gunmen fatally wounded Libya’s military police force commander as he left his house in the eastern city of Benghazi to attend Friday prayers. Several shots hit Ahmed al-Barghathi. He was brought to hos pital but later died there. The a
are being killed and you are the only person that can save us from this ungodly assassinations by the militants.

And, since the announcement of building an amusement park in late president Gadhafi’s compound, coupled with the sentence of Ahmed Ibrahim (Gadhafi’s education minister ) to death when he was found guilty of undermining national security and plotting the killings of civilians during his active days. This resulted into the killing of more than 20 Libyan soldiers and the prison break that allowed more than 1,000 inmates escape near Benghazi, a 4 miles away from our hiding place. Since then, things has never been the same in Libya as tension keeps rising and rising.The military are out to clamp down the militants who vowed to unseat the present administration. Therefore, this could be the commencement of a second civil war in Libya.

There is a situation, a terrible one indeed here in Libya. Since the announcement of the trial of Saif al Islam Gaafi, the son of former Libya leader, Libyan Col Muammar Gaddafi in August, thing has changed drastically here. If you have been following the PRESS TV or even BBC news, then you will be aware of this development earlier before now. It said the case against him and other senior regime members would include charges of forming criminal gangs, inciting rape and illegal detentions. And the situation got worst after Six soldiers from an elite Libyan army unit were killed overnight by masked gunmen in the restive eastern city of Benghazi. A source at the army’s command center in the city told the BBC that the gunmen had attacked the headquarters of a special forces unit elite.
This then led to heavy fighting in the area, he added. Benghazi was the center of the uprising that toppled Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in 2011.It has become increasingly unstable amid clashes between militias made up of former rebels and the regular forces of the new authorities. Militias with different tribal and ideological links control parts of the city, which has seen a wave of attacks on government security forces. And this attacks has escalated. If the militants can attack the headquarters of a special forces and kill up to six soldiers, what is the hope of common widow like me?

It will make a good sense to begin with an identification of my humble self. My name is Mrs. Bustillous Bustillous Emillia Ahmed Bin Venezuela Citizen married to Libyan and wife of late Retire General Ahmed Jassim, who was shot dead during the civil war in Libya. I am a loyal companion and a business representative of President Muammar Al-Gaddafi . In other words, I have been his purchasing manager for years and we deal in crude oil lifting and Gold transactions.
However, before the escalation of the Libya civil war,the sum was released to me by President Muammar Al-Gaddafi for the purchase of gold in Dubai and Ghana respectively. Unfortunately for him, the war broke out within that same period and it became a mission not accomplished for Mr President. But fortunately for me, the fund was already out of Tripoli-Libya and safely lodged in a bank Vault before the war broke out. I have been waiting for the peace talk but the United Nation Couldn’t practice what they preached because, it seems not to be obtainable. Now that Libya is tougher than jungle full of wild beasts, i have decided to run for my dear life with an intention of keeping the fund for myself since the current Libya administration listed my name among the late president associates who assisted him in looting out treasury of the Central Bank of Libya.

ANOTHER REASON……. The possibilities of Mr President Son (Saif Al-Islam ) in prison surviving is very very slim. And even if he does, he will definitely spend his entire life in prison as democracy has taken over the country. Luckily enough, he is the only person that knows about the fund and he is presently too occupied in Prison plotting out strategies how to come out than thinking about either me or the fund.
Suffice to say that, my primary aim of writing you this message is to inform you that am in search of an investor. A sincere and reliable person or company who is not only willing to render his assistance in receiving and safeguarding this fund in his account for onward investments, but also prepared to sponsor my trip to his Country as soon as the transfer is completed. The good news remains that the money is clean and pure cash and has been successfully moved safely to a bank outside Libya. Am not a selfish minded fellow and am willing to share the fund with you as far as you guarantee me your ability to handle the fund.

For the purpose of clarity, I will ask you to kindly send me the feasibility study and business plan in the sector that you feel and knows that we can invest these funds wisely for the benefit of both of us.
Finally, based on the experience i have had here in our base, seeing all these innocent children and there parents suffering and dying every day because of hunger, lack of medication and good water here. YES, i promised my God that if he sees my family and i through this difficult and trial times, we shall invest massively in the area human service ( HUMANITARIAN ) to give to a better life to the suffering society in our own little will be a dream come true.
Your indication of interest to this great opportunity proposal shall be highly appreciated as I will be glad to receive your response and answer to my email as below,
1 . I seeking that company or individual who have the ability to assist me for the transfer of fund, invest and manage it.
2. Do you have the ability to manage/invest?
3. The fund will be transferred into your account if you are ready and capable to handle it .?
4. The fund has since been moved outside Libya into a Bank and the Gold is completely outside Libya Too
5. I will furnish you with the details and the total amout involved and quantity of the gold bar upon your response and readiness to partner with me.

I am looking for a prospective buyer and reliable partner, I am seeking for investment company that will assist me for the sale/market of our commodity and as well assist for the investment.
I am seeking that company or individual who purchases commodity and can be able to purchase our product. I seeking that Mandate/broker who can assist me to find buyer and your commission will be discussed.
Commodity : Refined Gold (Au)
Form : Gold Bar/Bullion Form.

Yours Madam Ada Emillia
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