Liste der Kreditkartenherausgeber

1 UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan)

100196 ANA mileage cards with Edy stored value card function issued by Sony Finance International
14653 PAG Airways GOLD UATP card
1777 PAG Airways UATP card

20 Fluglinien

201400 Air Canada En Route, jetzt Diner’s Club International
2018 Canadian Pacific (historical)

35 JCB (Japan Credit Bureau)

356210 HSBC JCB Credit Card (Hong Kong)

36 Diners Club International

3603 Diners Club International Credit Card (Singapore)
3616 Diners Club International Credit Card issued by Hyundai Card in Korea
3617 Diners Club International Credit Card (Australia)
3618 Diners Club International Credit Card (Finland)
3633 Diners Club International Credit Card, defunct (Canada)
3634 Diners Club International Credit Card, IBM bin, defunct (Canada)
3635 Diners Club International Credit Card (Singapore)
3641 Diners Club International Credit Card (Venezuela)
3643 Diners Club International Credit Card (UK)
3670 Diners Club International Credit Card (India)

37 American Express

370244 BANESCO (BancUnion) American Express Gold Venezuela
370246 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Peony American Express Card (PRC)
370285 brooklyn Merchants Bank American Express Green Card
370286 China Merchants Bank American Express Gold Card
3715** American Express Centurion Card
3717** American Express Platinum Card
372301 American Express Gift Card (Canada)
372395 Blue Cash American Express Card
372550 Starwood Preferred Guest hotel loyalty credit card
372734 Blue for Business credit (small business)
372888 American Express Gold Card (USA)
3732** American Express Blue Airmiles Cash Back Card (Canada)
3733** American Express Blue Airmiles Card / SPG Credit Card(Canada) / AMEX Aeroplan Plus Platinum (Canada)
3735** American Express Gold Cash Back Card / American Express Platinum Charge Card (Canada)
3742** Charge Card (UK)
374288 Centurion Charge Card (UK)
374289 Platinum Charge Card (UK)
374345 Citi American Express Cards (USA)
374350 Citibank (American Airlines) American Express credit card
374614 British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card
374622 American Express Optima Credit Card (France)
374660 American Express BMW Card
374661 American Express BMW Card
374671 Blue American Express Card
374691 Platinum Credit Card (UK)
374693 Platinum Credit Card (UK)
374801 Platinum Credit Card (Finland)
374970 Air France KLM Flying Blue co-branded Gold Charge Card (France)
374996 Corporate Card (France)
3750** American Express Germany Products
3751** American Express Finland
3752** American Express Italy
3753** American Express The Netherlands
3754150 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Standard American Express
3754151 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Gold American Express
3754155 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Gold American Express
3754165 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Platinum American Express
375622 Garanti Bank American Express Green Card (Turkey)
375628 Garanti Bank American Express Shop&Miles co-branded Gold Card (Turkey)
375790 American Express Sweden corporate card (SE)
3758** American Express Switzerland corporate card (CH)
3760** American Express Card Australia
376211 Singapore Airlines Krisflyer American Express Gold Credit Card (Singapore)
3764** American Express Credit Card
3766** Platinum Charge Card (Mexico)
3767** Platinum Credit Card (Mexico)
376966 China CITIC Bank American Express Card (PRC)
376968 China CITIC Bank American Express Gold Card (PRC)
3770** Lloyds TSB Airmiles Amex Card (UK)
377032 American Express Corp. Banca / Banco Occidental de Descuento (Venezuela)
377064 Lloyds TSB Airmiles Premier Amex Card (UK)
3772** Starwood Preferred Guest hotel loyalty credit card
377311 MBNA Europe Bank (Bank of America) bmi plus Credit Card (UK)
377311 MBNA Europe Bank (Bank of America) Virgin Atlantic Credit Card (UK)
377441 American Express Black Card (New Zealand)
377445 BMW American Express Card (New Zealand)
377481 American Express (Macy’s)
377662 Swiss International Airlines Miles & More American Express Gold (CH)
3777** ANZ American Express Frequent Flyer (Australia) / Saison Card International (Japan)
377850 Westpac American Express Card (Australia)
377852 Westpac American Express Platinum Card (Australia)
337941 Bank Millennium American Express Gold Credit Card (Poland)
377945 American Express Corporate (Hungary)
379108 British Airways American Express Credit Card (UK)
379186 Maybank American Express Credit Card (MY)
379196 Blue Sky American Express Credit Card (UK)
379464 Corporate card (US)

4 Visa

40 Visa
400115 Visa Electron Barclays
400121 Electron ROI
400344 CapitalOne Platinum
400610 META Bank, (Rewards 660 Visa) Credit Limit Between $200 & $2000
406366 Guangdong Development Bank China Southern Visa UnionPay Duo Credit Card
400837 Electron GWK Bank NV
400838 Electron GWK Bank NV
400839 Electron GWK Bank NV
400937 Bank of China Great Wall Visa International Card Corporate
400938 Bank of China Great Wall Visa International Card Corporate Gold
400941 Bank of China Great Wall Visa International Card
400942 Bank of China Great Wall Visa International Card Gold
400944 Associated Bank (Citibank (South Dakota) N.A.)
401171 Delta Community Credit Union Visa[1]
401106 McCoy Federal Credit Union VISA debit card[1]
401180 Suntrust Bank Debit Card[1]
401343 Tesco Bank Bonus Visa
401344 Tesco Bank Clubcard Visa
4016 Citybank (El Salvador)
401612 Banco Tequendama Visa CREDIT PLATINUM CARD (Colombia)
4017 NAB Visa Debit Card (Australia)
401773 Electron ROI
4018 1st Financial Bank USA
4019 Wachovia Bank Visa
404527 Cabela’s World’s Foremost Bank
4028 HSBC Philippine Airlines Mabuhay Miles
402802 Handelsbanken Visa Credit/Debit Card
4029 TD Bank Debit Card
405670 BRE Bank (mBank) Visa Electron Debit Card (Poland)
407220 ANZ Frequent Flyer Gold Visa Card
407441 CitiBank Patriot Memory Promo Debit Card
407444 CSL Plasma and Other Various Plasma Donation Centers
41 Visa
410504 Bank Negara Indonesia (ID) Visa Credit Card
410505 Bank Negara Indonesia (ID) Visa Credit Card
410506 Bank Negara Indonesia (ID) Visa Credit Card
410635 Columbus Bank & Trust Company, (Aspire Visa Gold Card)
410636 Columbus Bank & Trust Company, (Aspire Visa Gold Card)
410637 Columbus Bank & Trust Company, (Aspire Visa Gold Card)
410638 Columbus Bank & Trust Company, (Aspire Visa Gold Card)
410639 Columbus Bank & Trust Company, (Aspire Visa Gold Card)
410654 Ithala Limited (South Africa) VISA Electron
410897 The Golden 1 Credit Union (US) Visa Classic
411016 BANESCO (former BancUnion Visa). Visa Platinum Venezuela
411298 Lloyds TSB (UK) Visa Credit Card
41177 Bank of America (US; formerly Fleet) VISA Debit Card
411911 DBS (SG) Live Fresh Platinum Visa Credit Card
411986 Banca Transilvania Visa Credit Card
412134 Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union (PSECU) Credit Card
412266 TD Bank Gift Card
4128 Citibank (US) Platium Select Dividends VISA Credit Card
412921 Visa Electron
412922 Visa Electron
412923 Visa Electron
412983 MBNA (Europe) University of Cambridge VISA Credit Card
412984 Sovereign Bank Visa Debit Card
412985 Sovereign Bank Visa Debit Card
413433 Sovereign Bank Business Check Card
414049 Banca Transilvania Visa Electron
414051 Bank of Georgia (GE) Visa Orange Debit Card
414099 Budapest Bank, Visa Electron, Hungary
4143 Capital One Visa Card
4146 Urban Trust Bank Salute Visa Card
414711 Citibank (American Airlines) Visa Signature Credit Card
414716 Bank of America (US) Alaska Airlines Signature Visa Credit Card
414720 JPMorgan Chase (US, formerly Bank One) Holiday Inn Priority Club Rewards Visa Credit Card
4147463 Citibank (SG) PremierMiles Visa Signature Credit Card
4147464 Citibank (SG) Dividend Visa Signature Credit Card
4147808 US Bank
414983 Plumas Bank (California, US) Visa Check Card
415045 Kredyt Bank Visa Business Electron (Poland)
415055 Le Crédit Lyonnais, France, Visa Cleo
4153 Visa Platinum Japan
415461 Raiffeisen Bank (CZ) Visa Debit
415874 TD Bank (USA)
415929 Cahoot (UK) Visa Credit Card
415981 Sovereign Bank Visa Debit Card
416039 ING Bank ?l?ski (PL) Visa Electron
416451 Fortis Bank (PL) Visa Electron
416896 Inteligo (PL) Visa Electron
417008 Bank of America (USA; Formerly Fleet) Business Visa Card
417009 Bank of America (USA; Formerly Fleet) Business Visa Card
417010 Bank of America (USA; Formerly Fleet) Business Visa Card
417011 Bank of America (USA; Formerly Fleet) Business Visa Card
4172 Crédit Populaire d’Algérie (CPA), Algeria, Visa Gold Card
4177 BC „Moldindconbank“ S.A (Moldova), Visa Electron
417935 Visa Electron
418221 TD Bank in the United States
418224 New Zealand Post (NZ) Visa Loaded Card
418236 Korea Exchange Bank, KEB VISA Signature Card
418238 UOB (SG), Visa Platinum Debit Card
418307 Green Dot Prepaid Visa debit card
4185** Washington Mutual (US) Visa Card
41900* U.S. Bank (US) WorldPerks VISA Credit Card
419661 DongA Bank Vietnam Visa credit Card
419740 Visa Electron
419741 Visa Electron
419773 Visa Electron
419774 Visa Electron
419775 Visa Electron
419776 Visa Electron
42 Visa
420567 Volkswagen Bank direct VISA Credit Card (Germany)
420767 JPMorgan Chase VISA debit card
420796 Banque Invik Everywhere Money prepaid debit Visa Electron card (LU/SE)
420984 Bank of Lee’s Summit, VISA Debit
4213 China Minsheng Bank VISA Debit Card; Landesbank Berlin Xbox Live VISA Prepaid Card (Germany)
421323 ICICI Bank visa Gold Debit/ATM Card (India)
421325 UTI Bank Prepaid Visa Card
421337 Allahabad Bank, India
421338 Chequera Debit Card City (El Salvador)
421355 Interbank, Banco Internacional del Peru Debit Card (Peru)
421402 Citizens Bank of Canada/Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Visa Gift Card
421458 Canara Bank
421494 Asia Commercial Bank Vietnam Visa Debit Card
4216 Debit Card Suruga bank (Japan)
4216 Citizens Bank of Canada/Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Visa Gift Card
421630 ICICI Bank Visa Gold debit/ATM Card (India)
421689 Commercial Bank, Sri Lanka, VISA Debit (Electronic)
421764 Bank of America VISA Debit Card
421765 Bank of America VISA Debit Card
421766 Bank of America VISA Debit Card
4218 China Minsheng Banking Corporation VISA Credit Card
422050 SAMBIL MALL Servitebca Visa Prepaid Card (Issued by Venezolano de Credito)
422189 GE Money (PL), Visa credit card
422287 Raiffeisen bank (Russia), Visa Classic
422629 HSBC Bank (Turkey) VISA Credit Card
422695 Chase Bank (British Airways) Visa Signature Credit Card
422793 o2 money card (managed by Natwest) Prepay card
4238 Members Credit Union Visa Debit
4239 St George Bank Visa Debit (Australia)
4241 Silverton Bank (Gift Card)
424201 Landesbank Baden-Württemberg Payback Premium
424327 Skandiabanken Visa Credit Card (NO)
424631 Chase Bank USA VISA Business Credit Card
424339 Skandiabanken Betal & Kreditkort Visa credit card (SE)
424671 Ing Bank Slaski SA (Poland)
4251 Fidelity Debit Card issued by PNC
425435 Washington Mutual (formerly Fleet) VISA Debit Card
425436 Washington Mutual (formerly Fleet) VISA Debit Card
4256 Bank of America GM Visa Check Card
425800,02,03,04,08,09,34,38,39 M & T Bank Visa Check Card
4259 Banco BICE (Chile) Gold Visa Credit Card
425907 Wells Fargo Business Platinum Check Visa Card
425914 Compass Bank, Visa, Business Platinum Check Card, Debit
426354 Comdirect Bank (Germany) Visa Credit Card, Natwest UK Visa
426376 Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh
426393 Natwest UK Visa Credit card
426428 Bank of America (formerly MBNA) Platinum Visa Credit Card
426429 Bank of America (formerly MBNA) Platinum Visa Credit Card
426451 to 52, 65 Bank of America (formerly MBNA) Platinum Visa Credit Card[1]
426488 Code Credit Union (Dayton, Ohio)
426501 HHonors Platinum Visa Credit Card (Barclaycard)
426510 Solutions Finance Credit Card (Barclaycard)
426534 Citibank Australia Visa Platinum Card
426556 to 58 HSBC Bank VISA Credit Card (Australia)[1]
426588 UOB Platinum Visa Credit Card (Singapore)[1]
426569 CitiBank Platinum Visa Credit Card (Singapore)[1]
426655 to 56 Chase (formerly Bank One) Visa Credit Card[1]
426684 Chase (formerly Bank One) Visa Credit Card
426684 Countrywide Visa Credit Card (2008)
426684 Chase +1 Student Visa Card (2008)
426698 First Command Financial Planning, Inc.
427010, 19, 20, 28, 29, 30, 38, 39, 62, 64, 85 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Visa[1]
427229 VTB24 (Russia), Visa Classic (Un)embossed
427342 Lloyds TSB Business Debit Card
427557 RBC Centura Bank Visa Debit Card (Pocket Check Card)[1]
4276 Sberbank of Russia
4282 Landesbank Berlin (Germany) Visa Credit Card
428208 Chase Debit Visa
4289150 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Platinum Credit Card (Poland)
4289151 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Aquarius (Black) Credit Card (Poland)
428333 Prezzy card (New Zealand Post)
428418 ASB Bank (New Zealand) Visa Debit Card
428434 Citizens Bank of Canada (Canada) Prepaid Visa Gift Card
428454 Kiwibank (New Zealand) Visa Debit Card
429158 Bank of Moscow (Russia) Visa Electron Social Security Card
429475 Regions Bank Visa Debit Card[1]
429805, 12 First National Bank of Omaha and affiliate Visa Debit Cards
43 Visa
430092 Standard Chartered Platinum VISA Credit Card (Singapore)
4301** Chase Visa
430252 Bank of Cyprus Greece Prepaid Visa
4304** Barclays Bank Plc
430536, 44, 46, 50, 94 Bank of America (formerly Fleet) Visa Credit Card
430567 Tesco Bank Classic Visa
430586 Pennsylvania State Employees‘ Credit Union Check Card
430605 Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union Debit Card (USA)
4308** Macys Visa
4311** National City Bank Visa Credit Card
431170 Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation Visa Credit Card (Philippines)
4312** Chase Leisure Rewards Visa Business Debit/Check Card
431239 Citibank Australia VISA Debit Card
431261 IWBank Visa
431262 IWBank Visa Electron
431301 to 05, 07, 08 Bank of America (formerly MBNA) Preferred Visa & Visa Signature Credit Cards[1]
4315** Silverton Bank NA
431732 Plains Commerce, (Total Visa), Small Credit Limit, Credit Repair Card [1]
4318 S-Bank Visa
431930 Halifax Ireland VISA Debit card
431931 to 32 Ulster Bank VISA Debit Card, Republic of Ireland
431935 Permanent TSB VISA Debit Card, Republic of Ireland
4321** Citizens Bank of Canada/Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Visa Gift Card
432158 BA Finance/Credit Europe bank (Russia), Visa Classic „Auchan“ card
432371 Wells Fargo Visa check card
432624 to 30 Bank of America (formerly Fleet National Bank) Visa Check Card, Debit[1]
432732 Metabank Debit Card
432845 Sovereign Bank Check Card
432919 Cartasi Eura Visa Electron (Italy)
432901 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Classic Aquarius PayWawe Debit Card (Poland)
432937 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Electron Aquarius Debit Card (Poland)
4329386 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Classic Aquarius Debit Card (Poland)
4329387 BRE Bank (MultiBank Visa Classic Debit Card (Poland)
4327 North Carolina State Employees‘ Credit Union VISA Check Card
4333 Citibank Credit Card (Hong Kong)
433445 BBVA Puerto Rico Visa Electron
433507 MBNA Visa
433948 Barclays & Times Card Visa Gold Credit Card (India)
433950 Barclays & Platinum Credit Card (India)
433991 Palm Desert National Bank as Cingular Wireless‘ rebate debit card
4342 Bank of America Classic Visa Credit Card
434256 Wells Fargo Debit
434257 Wells Fargo Debit
4343 First Interstate Bank Visa Credit Card
4344 Landesbank Berlin Holding Visa Credit Card ( Credit Card)
4349 Chase Card Services Canada Marriott Rewards Platinum Visa Card
435225 Nordea Bank Visa Electron Debit Card (Poland)
4355 U.S. Bank Premiere Line Visa Card
4356 Target Corporation Visa Credit Card
4356 Bank of America Visa Debit Card
435680 to 90 Bank of America, Visa, Platinum Check Card, Debit[1]
435744 ShenZhen Development Bank, Visa, Classic, Credit (China)[1]
435760 Compass Bank, Visa, Business Check Card, Debit[1]
436338 Landesbank Berlin AG (ADAC VISA Gold)
436618 U.S. Bank Visa debit card
436610 to 17, 67 Chase (formerly First USA)[1]
4367 China Construction Bank Credit Card
436742 China Construction Bank Debit Card
436773 National Bank of New Zealand Visa Credit Card
4377 Panin Bank Indonesia, Visa, Platinum Card
437737 Barclay Card India
4380 Bank of China Olympics Visa Credit Card
438088 Bank of China Visa Unionpay Gold Credit Card
4382 UOB Campus Visa Debit Card (Singapore)
4384 HSBC Visa Credit Card (India)
438617 China Construction Bank (Asia) Finance Credit Card
438676 Shinhan Card VISA Platinum Card
4388 Capital One Visa Credit Card
438857 Chase Bank (United Airlines) Visa credit card
4390 ChequeMax (El Salvador)
4391 Krungthai Bank, Platinum (Thailand)
439225 to 27 China Merchants Bank Visa Credit Card[1]
44 Visa
440210 Citibank Handlowy (PL) Visa Silver
440211 Citibank Handlowy (PL) Visa Gold
440260 Allied Irish Banks „Click“ Visa Card
440319 Schwab Bank Invest First Visa Signature
4404 UBP-php
4405 Latvijas Kr?jbanka (LV)
440626 Slovenská sporite??a Visa Electron
440753 CSOB (CZ) Visa Electron
4408 JPMorgan Chase (American Association of Retired Persons)
4412 Deutsche Bank (DE) Gold Credit Card
441669 MetaBank Visa Gift Card
441712 First USA Bank
442162 British Telecom BT VISA
442518 Wells Fargo Platinum Visa
442790 Citizens Bank (RBS) Platinum Visa Debit Card
4428 BECU Visa
4430 PNC Bank (Debit Card) (former National City Debit)
4435 Banner Bank VISA (Debit Card)
4432 U.S. Bank
443233 Shinhan Card (former LG Card)
443464 Five Star Bank
4436 PNC Bank Visa Points
444238 SMP bank (Russia) Visa Classic
444400 First US Bank
444512 Fifth Third Bank
445093 HSBC Vietnam, VISA Credit Card
445094 HSBC Vietnam, VISA Credit Card
4451 First Tennessee Bank (USA) VISA Debit Card
445479 Keytrade Bank Visa Classic Credit Card
445480 Keytrade Bank Visa Gold Credit Card
446053 US Bank Visa Classic Debit Card USA
446155 BRE Bank (CZ) mBank Visa Electron
446157 BRE Bank (PL) mBank Visa Electron
446157 BRE Bank (CZ) mBank Visa Classic Debid Card
446158 BRE Bank (PL) mBank Visa Electron
446153 BRE Bank (CZ) mBank Visa Gold Credit Card
446261 Lloyds TSB (UK) Visa Debit Card (for Personal and Business Accounts)
446268 Cahoot (UK) Visa Debit
446274 Lloyds TSB (UK) Premier Visa Debit Card (with £250 Cheque guarantee limit)
446277 Abbey (bank) Business Banking Visa Debit Card
446278 Halifax (UK) Visa debit card
446279 Bank of Scotland (UK) Visa debit card
4465** Wells Fargo (USA) Visa Credit Card
4470** M&I Marshall & Ilsley Bank (USA) Visa debit Card
447320 BC VISA Check Card issuded by Woori Bank
447452 Union Bank & Trust Company Visa debit card
447692 HSBC India Visa Silver Credit Card (India)
447747 ICICI Bank Visa Gold Credit Card (India)
4479 TCF Bank Debit Card
447935 National City Bank Visa Debit Card
448156 Chase Bank / Sprint Wireless‘ rebate debit card
448336 mBank (PL) Visa credit card
448360 Getin Noble Bank Visa Electron Debit Card (OpenFinance.PL) (Poland)
448445 Lloyds Bank Visa Credit Card
4488 Suntrust Bank Visa Credit Card
4489 National City Bank Visa Debit Card (Credit Card?)
4492 Vista Federal Credit Union (Walt Disney World) Visa Debit Card
449352 Nationwide Building Society Visa Credit Card
449364 Valley Bank
449533 Bank of America (USA), National Association Classic, Debit, Visa
443438 Credit Union Australia Visa Debit Card
4481 BC Card VISA Check Card
4482 TD Bank
448336 BRE Bank (PL) mBank Visa Classic
4490 Community Trust Bank( Visa Debit Card)
45**** Visa
4500 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) Visa & MBNA Quantum Visa Credit Cards
450003 CIBC Infinite Aerogold (VISA credit card)
450060 CIBC Aerogold (VISA credit card)
450065 CIBC Platinum (VISA credit card)
450405 Æon Credit Service Credit Card
450605 Bendigo Bank Visa Blue Debit Card
4506 CIBC VISA Debit
4506 Marfin Laiki Bank Visa Debit Card
4507 St George Bank Visa Debit Card
4508 Visa Electron Popular Bank (NY) a Branch of Banco Popular Dominicano
450823 Lloyds TSB VISA
450875 Co operative Bank Visa Debit Card (formerly Visa Electron)
450878 Banco de Chile Visa Credit Card
4509 ANZ Bank Visa Credit Card
4510 Royal Bank of Canada (CA) Visa
4511 Seylan Bank, Sri Lanka
4512 Royal Bank of Canada (CA) Visa
451291 Bank of China Visa Credit Card
4513 Bancolombia (CB)
4514 Royal Bank of Canada RBC AVION Visa (Platinum/Infinite)
451503 Royal Bank of Canada (CA) VISA
4516 RBC Banque Royale VISA BUSINESS (Affaires) VISA
451834 DBS Bank Credit Card (Hong Kong)
451845 Shinhan Bank VISA Check Card
4519 Royal Bank of Canada (CA) Client Card (ATM/INTERAC)
4520 TD Bank CAD VISA
452088 TD Bank CAD VISA infinite
4529 MetaBank Visa
4530 VISA Desjardins Group
453030 NAB Gold Affinity
453231 Banco Mercantil Venezuela Visa Card
4535 Scotiabank Visa Card
4536 Scotiabank
4537 Scotiabank Visa Card
4538 Scotiabank Visa Card
453978 Barclays Bank (UK) Connect Visa Debit Card
453979 Barclays Bank (UK) Connect Visa Debit Card
453980 permanent tsb Visa Credit Card
453997 Friulcassa / CartaSi (IT) Visa Card
453998 CartaSi (IT) Visa Card
4540 Carte d’accès Desjardins / VISA Desjardins
4541 Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum VISA (India)
4542 Rakuten Bank Japan
454305 RBS Visa Credit Card
454312 First Direct (UK) Visa Credit Card
454313 Nationwide Building Society (UK) Visa Debit Card
454361 First Direct (a division of HSBC UK) Visa Debit Card
454417 Slovenská sporite??a Visa
454434 First Trust Bank (UK) Visa Debit Card
4544 Banque Laurentienne du Canada / Laurentian Bank of Canada (CA) Visa
4545 BANESCO (former BancUnion Visa) Venezuela.
454605 Citibank Australia (AU) Visa Card
454718 UOB (SG) A*STAR VISA Corporate Gold Credit Card
454742 Santander (Previously Abbey (bank)) Visa Debit Card
454749 BHW (DE) Visa Charge Card
454867 ASB Bank Visa Credit Card (New Zealand)
454869 Westpac New Zealand Visa Credit Card
4549 Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Visa credit and debit cards
455025 Cooperative Bank (UK) Visa
4551 TD Bank/General Motors Corporation GM CAD VISA
455121 GM Visa Card (CAD) issued by TDCanada Trust
4552 Cooperative Bank (UK)
455271 Bank of East Asia Classic Credit Card (Hong Kong)
455272 Bank of East Asia Gold Credit Card (Hong Kong)
4553 Wing Hang Bank Credit Card (Hong Kong)
455451 ICICI Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card (India)
4555 Cooperative Bank Platinum VISA (UK)
4555 Bank of Ceylon VISA Credit Card (UK)
4556 Citibank Visa Vodafone (Greece)
4557 Debit Card Bank of credit (PE)
455701 National Australia Bank (AU) GOLD VISA Credit Card
455702 National Australia Bank VISA (AU) Credit Card
455707 Hang Seng Bank Credit Card
4559 CHASE (formerly Washington Mutual/Providian) Platinum VISA Credit Card
4560 ANZ Visa Debit Card
4563 BMW VISA ICS International Card Services (The Netherlands)
4563 Citibank Malaysia (MY) Visa Credit Card
456351 (CN)Bank of China Debit card (China UnionPay)
456403 Bank of Melbourne 1 (AU; now Westpac) Visa Debit Card
456406 Challenge Bank (AU; now Westpac) Visa Debit Card
456445 STATE BANK VICTORIA VISA DEBIT CARD (now Commonwealth Bank Australia)
456453 ANZ Bank VISA Gift Card (Australia)
456462 ANZ Bank VISA Credit Card (Australia)
456468 ANZ Bank VISA Credit Card Frequent Flyer Platinum (Australia)
456469 ANZ Bank VISA Credit Card Gold (Australia)
456472 Westpac Bank Altitude Visa Credit Card Platinum (Australia)
456475 Newcastle Permanent Building Society ltd VISA Debit (Australia)
456491 ASB Bank (New Zealand)
456707 Citibank (UK) Visa Prepaid card)
456735 Alliance and Leicester VISA Debit Card (UK)
456738 Citibank (UK) Visa Debit Card (UK)
4568 Berliner Bank (DE) Visa Debit Card
4569 Skandiabanken VISA Debit Card (NO)
4570 DZ Bank VISA Credit Card (DE)
4571 Danske Bank VISA Dankort
4579 KB Card VISA Gold Card
4580 Leumi Card (IL) Visa Card
458123 Bank of Communications/HSBC (CN) Y Power Visa Card
458440 HSBC Vietnam VISA Debit Card
4585 HSBC Bank Australia VISA Debit Card
4587 Peoples Trust Visa Gift Card
4599 Caja Madrid (ES
46**** Visa
460083 Axa Bank (CZ) VISA Electron Debit Card
4602 69 First Tech Credit Union Check Card
4610 Chase (bank) Visa Debit Card (USA)
461244 LCL (Le Crédit Lyonnais) Visa Card
461608 BB&T Visa
461755 ASB Platinum Visa Card (New Zealand)
461787 HDFC Bank Visa Signature Credit Card (India)
461983 BestBuy RewardZone Visa JPMorgan Chase Chase Cards Canada
4620 Tapiola Bank VISA
4622 ANZ Bank VISA Access Debit Card
462263 ING Direct Visa Debit Card
462757 Visa Electron PKO Bank Polski
462785 Egg plc VISA
462890 Citibank Korea PremierMiles VISA Signature Card
4629 Visa Cash Smartpurse (Thailand)
462986 ICICI Bank Visa Platinum Credit Card (India)
4635 Bank of America Business Platinum Debit
463668 First Tech Credit Union Credit Card
4640 Bank One (now J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.) VISA Credit Card
4649 HSBC Bank VISA Debit Card (Sri Lanka)
465208 Bank of Moscow (Russia) Visa Electron
465590 Tesco Bank Finest Visa(UK)
465838 Alliance and Leicester VISA Business Debit Card (UK)
465843 Coventry Building Society VISA debit Card
465845 Norwich and Peterborough Building Society VISA Debit Card (UK)
465860 Barclays Bank VISA Debit Card (corporate) (UK)
465904 Alliance and Leicester VISA Debit Card (UK)
465910 Lloyds TSB (UK)
465922 Barclays Bank VISA Debit Card (UK)
465923 Barclays Bank Prem (UK)
46593 Nationwide Building Society (UK) „Cash Card+“ Visa Debit Card (requires full authorisation at POS, similar to Visa Electron)
465941 HSBC Bank (UK)
465942 HSBC Bank (UK) Visa Debit Card
465943 HSBC Bank (UK) Visa Debit, NO Cheque Guarantee
465945 HSBC(UK) Plus Visa Debit Card
465946 Debit cards by First Direct (UK) Division of HSBC UK
4661 BB&T (Branch Banking and Trust) VISA Check Card
4663 Orchard Bank Visa issued by HSBC
466514 Master bank (Russia) Visa Electron Instant Issue
467726 Money Mart Titanium+ Prepaid Visa (Canada)
468805 Axis Bank (India)
468817 Andhra Bank Visa Debit Card (India)
4689 Asociacion la Nacional de Ahorros y Prestamos Visa Credit Card (Dominican Republic)
469551 CitiBank SMRT Platinum Visa Debit Card (Singapore)
469552 CitiBank Platinum Visa Debit Card (Singapore)
469596 Juniper iTunes Rewards Visa Credit Card
47**** Visa
470758 US Bank, Visa Debit, USA
4715 Wachovia VISA
4720 HSBC VISA (Platinum?), Sri Lanka
472926 Peoples Trust Vanilla Prepaid Visa Card, Canada
473099 Wells Fargo Bank, Visa Debit, Iowa USA
473104 Swiss International Airlines Miles & More Visa Gold (CH)
4736 [GE Money Bank] Walmart Prepaid Visa Debit Card, USA
4744 Bank of America Visa Debit
474480 Bank of America Visa Debit, Midwest USA
475116 RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Visa Debit (no cheque guarantee, immediate authorisation)
475117 RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Visa Debit
475118 RBS Royal Bank of Scotland, Visa Debit, UK
475127 to 30 Natwest Visa Debit
475131 Nat West Visa Debit Card
475132 Nat West Private Banking Visa Debit (£250 cheque guarantee)
475423 MetaBank VISA TravelMoney, Debit
475427 MetaBank Rebate Visa Card
475637 WellsFargo Bank National Association, Visa Debit
475714 Santander UK Visa Debit card
4758** Oregon Community Credit Union
4760** Bank Niaga (Indonesia) Visa Debit Card
476072 may be HR Block prepaid Visa
4761 64 TCF Bank Saint Paul MN (USA) Visa Debit Card
476515 Venezolano de Credito Superefectiva Gold Visa Check card.
476559 South Florida Educational Federal Credit Union Visa Debit Card
4773 Siam Commercial Bank platinum (Thailand)
477361 Big Sky Credit Union Visa (Australia)
477517 JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A.
477548 SEB Visa debit (Estonia)
477596 Sainsbury’s Bank (UK) Visa Debit Card
4779 Sainsbury’s Bank (UK) Visa Debit Card
477915 BZWBK (PL) Visa Debit Card
478825 JPMorganChase Corporate Card
478880 Umpqua Bank of Oregon Visa Debit Card
478901 Vancity Visa credit card (Canada)
478907 Vancity Visa credit card (Canada)
478986 CIBC US Dollar Visa (Canada)
478992 Heartland Credit Union (Springfield, IL)
479000 Eurobank EFG (Bulgaria)VISA Credit card
479056 First National Bank (South Africa) Visa Electron Debit Card
479080 Visa Credit card BZWBK Polish bank
479293 Abbey International Visa Debit Card
479213 TD Banknorth Visa Debit Card
479348 Vision Banco Visa Debit Card (Paraguay)
4797** SEB bankas Visa Debit Card (Lithuania)
4798** US Bank Visa Select Rewards Business Platinum
479884 E*Trade Visa Debit Card (U.S.)
48**** Visa
4800 MBNA Gold Visa Credit Card
480152 Citigroup Inc. Verizon Wireless‘ rebate debit card
480213 Capital ONE FSB Business
480641 Commonwealth Credit Union Visa Debit Card
4807 M&I Visa Credit Card
480801 WellsOne Commercial Card
4809 Charles Schwab Bank Visa Platinum Check Card
4820 Wings Financial FCU Credit Card (also Metro Community FCU)
4824 Wirecard Bank Visa Card
4828 Wachovia Bank (US) Visa Debit Card
482870 Wachovia Bank (US) Visa Debit Card
483542 Standard Charterd Bank Vietnam Visa Debit Card
483561 ANZ NATIONAL BANK LTD Visa Debit Card
483583 Sony Finance International, Japan Dual Currency (JPY/USD) Credit Card
483585 HSBC Revolution VISA Platinum Credit Card (Singapore)
4841 Old National Bank Commercial Debit Card
4842 Maybank issued Visa Credit Card (Malaysia)
4843 Digital FCU Visa Gold Credit Card
484427 Paypal (UK) Top
4854 Washington Mutual (US) Visa Debit Card
4861 Wings Financial FCU Check Card
4862 Capital One Visa Credit Card
486236 Capital One Visa Platinum Credit Card
486269 HSBC Platinum Visa Credit Card (India)
486430 Lloyds TSB (UK) Visa Card
486483 HSBC (UK) Commercial Visa credit Card
4868 Wells Fargo (US) Bank N.A. Check Card
486990 Plumas Bank (California, US) Visa Business Check Card
486993 Umpqua Bank of Oregon (US) Visa Business Check Card
4873** Capital One Orbitz Visa Platinum Credit Card
4888** Bank of America (US) Visa Credit Card
4892** Columbus Bank and Trust Company, Green dot NASCAR Debit Visa Prepaid card
49**** Visa
490115 First National Bank VISA South Africa / Cedyna INC Visa Japan
490220 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Woori Bank
490292 NAB VISA Gold Debit Card (Australia)
4903 Switch (Debit Card)
4904 Banner Bank VISA (Credit)
4905 Switch (Debit Card)
4906 Barclaycard VISA Credit Card (Germany)
4906 BC VISA Credit Card (Korea)
490603 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Industrial Bank of Korea
490606 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Kookmin Bank
490611 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Nonghyup Central Bank
490612 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Nonghyup Local Banks
490620 BC VISA Credit Card
490623 BC VISA Credit Card issued by SC First Bank
490625 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Hana Bank
490627 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Citibank in Korea
490678 BC VISA Credit Card issued by Shinhan Card
490762 Bayerische Landesbank VISA Credit Card (Germany)
4907 Citibank Credit card (Japan)
490841 Banco Espirito Santo Gold Visa Credit Card (Portugal)
490847 Parex Bank Visa Credit Card
4909 Citibank VISA Credit Card (Spain)
4910 HSBC Bank VISA Credit Card (Sri Lanka)
491002 Citibank (UK) AAdvantage Gold Visa Card
4911 Switch (Debit Card)
4913 Visa Electron
4914 Banrisul Visa
4915 Republic Bank Ltd VISA Credit Card (Trinidad & Tobago)
491611 Halifax Ireland VISA Credit Card
4917 Visa Electron
491731 Abbey (bank) VISA Electron (UK)
491754 Halifax (United Kingdom bank) VISA Electron (UK)
4918 Caja Madrid VISA Business Credit Card (Spain)
491859 Danske Bank Privatkort Visa Electron debit card (SE)
4919 Charles Schwab Bank VISA Check Card
4920 Luottokunta issued VISA (Finland); Citibank UAE issued Visa Credit Card
492046 Luottokunta issued VISA Gold (Finland)
4921 Lloyds TSB Visa Debit Card
492111 HSBC Visa Credit Card (Hong Kong)
492127 HSBC Visa Credit Card (Bermuda)
492213 Nedbank VISA Credit Card (ZA)
492940 Barclaycard Visa Credit Card
492942 Barclaycard Premier and OnePulse (Oyster) Visa Credit Cards with contactless payment (UK)
492946 Barclaycard Business Visa Credit Card
492949 Barclaycard Visa Initial Credit Card
492160 HSBC Visa Credit Card (Singapore)
4931 Visa Citi AA American Airlines (Dominican Republic)
493467 Bank of China Olympics Visa Credit Card (Singapore)
493468 Bank of China Platinum Visa Credit Card (Singapore)
4935 Credito Siciliano Visa Electron (Italy)
4936 Switch (Debit Card)
4937 Standard Chartered Bank UAE issued Visa credit card
494053 Commonwealth Bank VISA Credit Card (Gold)(Australia)
494052 Commonwealth Bank VISA Credit Card (Australia)
494114 National Bank of Abu Dhabi Cashplus Global Visa Electron (UAE)
494120 HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card (United Kingdom)
4960 Emporiki Bank Visa Credit Card (Greece)
496604 HSBC Visa Credit Card (Hong Kong)
496645 HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card (Singapore)
496696 HSBC Visa Gold Credit Card (Bermuda)
497063 La banque postale visa (France)
497160 HSBC Visa Credit Card (France)
497164 Banque Accord Visa Credit Card (France)
497251 First Command Financial Planning, Inc.
497301 Société Générale CB Visa (France)
497302 Société Générale CB Visa (France)
4974 BNP Paribas (France)
497543 Natexis Banques Populaires Visa Credit Card (France)
497545 Natexis Banques Populaires Visa Credit Card (France)
497618 Boursorama Visa Credit Card (France)
497671 Credit du Nord Visa Credit Card (France)
497652 Barclays Bank PLC Visa Credit Card (France)
4978 Caisse d’Epargne VISA Credit Card (France)
497958 Boursorama Banque VISA PREMIER credit card (France)
4984 Banco do Brasil Ourocard Visa
498824 The Co operative Bank (incl Smile) Visa Debit Card (UK in £)
499897 DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG Visa Charge Card (Germany)
499916 Bank of New Zealand VISA Platinum Credit Card
499977 Bank of New Zealand VISA Credit Card
4867 JP Morgan chase bank
5***** MasterCard
50**** Mastercard
500235 NBC National Bank Of Canada ATM / Debit Card
500766 Bank of Montreal Debit Card
501012 Meridian Credit Union Debit and Exchange Network Card
502029 ASPIDER Smartcards for mobile telecommunications
503615 Standard Bank of South Africa Maestro debit card
504507 Barnes & Noble gift card
504834 ING Vysya Bank Maestro Cirrus Debit/ATM Card (India)
504837 Formerly Fleet Bank (ATM only card)
5049 Sears Card, issued by Citibank USA

51 Mastercard

510019 Budapest Bank Investment Card, embossed (Hungary)
510136 CitiBank CZ Gold Credit Card
510142 CITIBANK A.S.
510197 UBS AG Mastercard76ygtr686t6867fty6frt7de76
510241 RBS National Bank
5108 INGDirect Electric Orange Debit Card
510840 The Bancorp Bank (Higher One) MasterCard Debit Card
510982 USAA Cash Rewards Debit MasterCard
511300 to 99 JPMorgan Chase Bank Mastercard Debit Card[1]
511810 PayPal Virtual Credit Card (Secure Card)
512025 to 27 Orchard Bank Credit Card issued by HSBC (previously Household Bank[3])[1][4]
512106 to 08 Citi Sears MasterCard [1]
5122 First Gulf Bank
512462 Lotte Card MasterCard Gold Card
512568 Gold MasterCard Citi Poland
512607 Continental Finance, M/C, $300 limit card
512687 sainsbury credit card uk
512622 SBI Tata Card Mastercard Credit Card (India)
513101 Crédit Agricole Gold MasterCard Credit Card
513141 Crédit Agricole MasterCard Credit Card
513143 Advanzia Bank MasterCard Credit Card
5132 Crédit Mutuel MasterCard Credit Card (France)
513453 BNP Paribas MasterCard Credit Card (France)
5135 BRED Banque Populaire MasterCard Credit Card
513536 BRED Banque Populaire Affinity MasterCard Credit Card
513624 Barclays Bank PLC MasterCard Platinum (France)
514021 Barclays Bank PLC MasterCard Credit Card
5141 Banco Popular North America Mastercard Debit Card
514700 Mascoma Savings Bank Business Mastercard Debit Card
5148 US Airways Dividend Miles Platinum MasterCard
514876 Citibank Korea Platinum MasterCard
514889 Barclays Bank Delaware, Formerly Juniper Bank
514923 Chase Bank USA, N.A.
5150 MetaBank MasterCard FSA debit card (issued on behalf of third party administrators)
5151 OboPay Prepaid Debit Card Issued By First Premier
5155 Orchard Bank issued by HSBC
5156 BestBuy MasterCard issued by HSBC (previously Household Bank[3])
516010 Polbank EFG (Poland) MasterCard Credit Card
516029 Shell / CitiFinancial MasterCard
516029 CitiFinancial Europe
516331 Svyaznoy Bank (Russia)
516319 Virgin MasterCard Credit Card[1][5]
516337 Westpac Australia Platinum MasterCard[1]
51639 Westpac Australia Classic MasterCard[1]
5176 China Minsheng Bank MasterCard Credit Card
517652 HDFC Bank MasterCard Gold Credit Card
517669 HSBC (formerly Household) MasterCard Credit Card (U.S.)China Minsheng Banking Corporation
5177 BANAMEX Debit Card
517805 Capital One MasterCard Credit Card or First Premier Bank[1]
517869 Union Bank Mastercard Debit card
5179 Bank Atlantic Mastercard Debit Card
518126 Mastercard Prepayment Card Utility Warehouse
518127 PC Financial MasterCard Credit Card[1]
5182 Banco Nacional de Costa Rica Servibanca Debit Card
518642 MBNA MasterCard (UK)[citation needed]
518645 Tesco Bank Classic Mastercard Credit Card (UK)
518652 Tesco Bank Clubcard MasterCard Credit Card (UK)
518675 MBNA / British Midland Airways MasterCard (UK)
518676 MBNA Ireland Platinum Mastercard
5187 China Merchants Bank MasterCard Credit Card
518791 Lloyds TSB Mastercard Credit Card
5191 Bank of Montreal MasterCard[1] (Canadian dollar)
519163 Kiwibank (New Zealand) Mastercard Credit Card
5192 Bank of Montreal MasterCard[1] (US dollar)
5193 HSBC Bank Canada MasterCard
519463 Banco De Oro MasterCard Debit Card (Philippines)
519520 Altair prepaid cards
519525 Contis Group & EZPay prepaid cards
52**** Mastercard
5200 MBNA Quantum MasterCard Credit Card
520169 BestBuy MasterCard by Bank of Communications/HSBC (China)
520306 Citibank/Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard Credit Card (Russia)
520641 Tesco Bank Bonus Mastercard(UK)
520988 Garanti Bank Shop&Miles MasterCard Credit Card
5217 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Debit MasterCard
521804 Tesco Bank Business Mastercard (UK)
521853 PayPal MasterCard
5221 MasterCard Credit Cards in South Africa
522276 Chase Manhattan Bank MasterCard Credit Card
5228 Presidents Choice MasterCard Credit Card
5234 Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard Credit Card
523748 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Prepaid Travel Money Mastercard
523951 ICICI Bank MasterCard Credit Card
524040 OCBC Bank BEST OCBC MasterCard Credit Card (Singapore)
5243 Hudson’s Bay Company MasterCard Credit Card (Canada)
525241 Saison Card International, Japan United Airlines Mileage Plus
525405 VÚB Banka (Banca Intesa group) MasterCard original+ Credit card (Slovakia)
5255 Mastercard CartaSi (Italy)
5256 Sparda Bank MasterCard Charge Card (Germany)
525632 Silver Deutsche Bank (PL)
525678 Banamex debit card
5258 Mastercard National Bank of Canada (Canada)
525896 Mastercard Husky (Canada) [Husky/Mohawk MasterCard]
5259 Canadian Tire Bank Cash Advantage Platinum MasterCard
525995 Canadian Tire Bank Gas Advantage MasterCard
5262 Citibank MasterCard Debit Card
526224 Citibank MasterCard Debit Card
5264 Bank Negara Indonesia MasterCard Debit Card
526418 Vietcombank Vietnam MasterCard Debit Card
526468 State Bank of India
526471 POSBank MasterCard Debit/ATM Card (Singapore)
526495 Bank of India MasterCard Debit/ATM Card
526702 Yes Bank Mastercard Silver Debit Card (India)
526722 Standard Bank South Africa MasterCard Credit Card (Gift Card)
526781 VÚB Banka (Banca Intesa group) MasterCard unembossed Credit card(Slovakia)
526790 Asia Commercial Bank Vietnam MasterCard Debit Card
5268 Landesbank Berlin (Germany) MasterCard Credit Card
5268 CitiBank Platinum Enrich (Canada) MasterCard Credit Card
527434 Caixanova NovaXove (Spain) Mastecard Debit Card
527455 Rubycard Pre Paid Mastercard (Ireland) issued by Newcastle Building Society
527456 WireCard Bank (Germany)
5275 Sampo Bank (Finland) MasterCard Debit Card
528013 Bankwest Australia MasterCard Debit Card
528038 ING Bank N.V. Amsterdam
528061 BMO Bank of Montreal MasterCard Prepaid Travel
528229 Nexpay prepaid card
5286 Santander Cards
5286 ABSA (Amalgamated Banks of South Africa) MasterCard Credit Card
5286 Virgin Money South Africa (Virtual Bank; Operates partially on ABSA’s system)
5286 89 Santander Zero MasterCard Credit Card UK
5287 Washington Mutual Bank Debit card
5289 ANZ (Previously RBS and ABN AMRO) Switch Platinum MasterCard Credit Card (Singapore)
529580 (Italy) Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard (Vincento Payment Solutions)
529930 Marks & Spencer Money MasterCard Credit Card
529962 Prepaid MasterCards issued by DCBANK. (MuchMusic)
529964 Altair prepaid MasterCard
529965 pre paid debit cards
529966 pre paid debit cards
53**** Mastercard
5301 BarclayCard Mastercards.
5303 BAC San José (Costa Rica) Debit card
530343 Net1 Virtual Card Prepaid
530695 Bancolombia Prepaid MasterCard Credit Card (E prepago)
530785 Sears MasterCard issued by [Chase Cards Canada]
531306 Prepaid Mastercard issued by Newcastle Building Society
531355 National Bank MasterCard Credit Card
5316 CUETS Financial Canada MasterCard Credit Card
5317 CUETS Financial Canada Global Payment MasterCard
5322 Washington Mutual Business Debit card
532450 China Construction Bank Credit Card
532561 HSBC Bank USA Premier Debit Mastercard with PayPass
532700 RBS Premium MasterCard Debit Card
5329 MBNA Preferred MasterCard Credit Card
532902 Wachovia Bank MasterCard Credit Card
533248 COMERICA BANK Mastercard prepaid
533838 CBA Prepaid Gift card as MasterCard
533846 Kalixa Prepaid Mastercard UK Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard (Vincento Payment Solutions)
533875 Paypal Italy MasterCard Prepaid
533908 Bank Zachodni WBK Mastercard Premium Prepaid PayPass (Electronic) (Poland)
533936 Kalixa Prepaid Mastercard DE Kalixa Prepaid MasterCard (Vincento Payment Solutions)
534160 Gold Deutsche Bank (PL)
535316 Commonwealth Bank Standard MasterCard Credit Card
535318 Commonwealth Bank Gold MasterCard Credit Card
538720 BC Mastercard issued by Woori Bank
538803 BC Mastercard issued by Industrial Bank of Korea
538806 BC Mastercard issued by Kookmin Bank
538811 BC Mastercard issued by Nonghyup Central Bank
538812 BC Mastercard issued by Nonghyup Local Banks
538820 BC Mastercard
538823 BC Mastercard issued by SC First Bank
538825 BC Mastercard issued by Hana Bank
538827 BC Mastercard issued by Citibank in Korea
538878 BC Mastercard issued by Shinhan Bank
539028 Citibank Mastercard (Brazil)
5396 Saks Fifth Avenue World Elite MasterCard issued by HSBC
54**** Mastercard
540034 Standard Chartered Bank Titanium Credit Card (Hong Kong)
540002 DBS (Esso co branded) Singapore
5401 Bank of America (formerly MBNA) MasterCard Gold Credit Card
540141 BANESCO Classic Mastercard card (Venezuela).
540168 Chase MasterCard Credit Card
540221 ANZ National Bank ANZ Low Interest MasterCard Credit Card
540223 Westpac New Zealand MasterCard Credit Card
540207 BNZ (Bank of New Zealand) Global Plus MasterCard Credit Card
5403 Citibank MasterCard Credit Card („Virtual Card“ number)
5404 Lloyds TSB Bank MasterCard Credit Card
540410 Brown Thomas MasterCard (Issued by AIB)
5406 Bancolombia MasterCard Credit Card (Colombia)
5407 HSBC Bank GM Card
540758 MBNA Bank UK bmi Blue Mastercard
5409 HSBC Bank, Union Bank of California Pay Pass debit card
540801 Household Bank USA MasterCard Credit Card
540806 Hang Seng Bank Credit Card
540838 BOC Great Wall Credit Card (CN)
540877 Bank of China Platinum MasterCard Credit Card (SG)
541010 Raiffeisen Zentralbank
541065 Citibank MC
541142 CIBC MasterCard (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) formerly Citi MasterCard Canada
5412** HSBC Malaysia issued Mastercard
541206 USAA
541256 02 SEB Kort AB, Choice Club credit card (SE)
541256 50 SEB Kort AB, SJ Prio credit card (SE)
541277 Nordea Finance/Valutakortet Valuta MasterCard credit card (SE)
541592 Neteller (UK) Mastercard debit card
5416 Washington Mutual (formerly Providian) Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
541657 (Ebay MasterCard) via Providian
5417 Chase Bank
5420 MasterCard issued by USAA
5424 Citibank MasterCard Credit Card (Dividend, Diamond and others)
542418 Citibank Platinum Select
5425 Barclaycard MasterCard Credit Card (Germany)
542505 RBS Gold Mastercard Credit Card (formerly ABN Amro Bank) (India)
542523 Allied Irish Banks MasterCard Credit Card (Ireland)
542542 00 GE Money Bank Mastercard debit card (SE)
542542 07 GE Money Bank Mastercard credit card (SE)
542598 Bank of Ireland Post Office Platinum Card (UK)
5426 Alberta Treasury Branch
5430 ANZ Bank MasterCard
5430 Stockmann Department Store Mastercard, issued by Nordea (Finland)
543034 Stockmann Department Store Exclusive Mastercard, issued by Nordea (Finland)
543122 HSBC issued Mastercard (Hong Kong)
543250 Bank of New Zealand MasterCard Credit Card
543267 Bank of Ireland MasterCard Credit Card
5434 MasterCard credit cards from UK and Irish banks
543429 Halifax ‚One‘ Mastercard
543458 HSBC UK Premier Credit Card
543460 HSBC Mastercard Credit Card (UK)
543478 National Irish Bank Mastercard
543479 National Irish Bank Gold Mastercard
543556 NatWest Mastercard Charge Card
543678 Westpac New Zealand Mastercard Gold Credit Card
543482 RBS Mastercard Credit Card
543696 Itau Mastercard Credit Card
543699 NatWest MasterCard Gold Credit Card
5437 St George Bank Credit Card (Australia)
5438 USAA Federal Savings Bank
5440 Mastercard from MBF Malaysia
544156 Allied Irish Banks Gold MasterCard Credit Card
5442 HSBC Mastercard Credit Card (Singapore)
544258 BRE Bank (MultiBank Mastercard Aquarius PayPass Credit Card (Black)(Poland)
5443 HSBC Mastercard Debit Card with PayPass (USA)
5444 Bangkok Bank (Thailand)
5444 BHW MasterCard Charge Card (Germany)
544434 Wizard Clear Advantage Mastercard (Australia)
544440 Valovis Commercial Bank, Prepaid (Germany)
5446 Canadian Tire MasterCard Credit Card
544748 Chase SLATE MasterCard Credit Card
544917 Citizens Bank (Personal Checking) Debit
545045 Danske Bank Intercard MasterCard debit card (SE)
5451 NatWest Mastercard Credit Card
5452 MBNA Canada Mastercard
545250 Maestro (debit card) BZWBK Poland
54546* Natwest Student Mastercard (UK)
5455 BancorpSouth Mastercard MasterMoney Debit Card
5455 78 halifax mastercard uk
5457 Capital One Canada Branch
5458 USAA Credit Card
5459 Harris Bank Debit Card
545955 Mascoma Savings Bank Mastercard Consumer Debit Card
5460 Berliner Bank (Germany) ,Mint MasterCard Credit Card and Capital One UK
5466 Citibank, MBNA & Chase World MasterCard Credit Cards,
546604 First USA Banke, N.A. Master Card
546641,80 HSBC GM MasterCard Credit Card
5471 Davivienda MasterCard Credit Card (Colombia)
547343 ANZ Business MasterCard (New Zealand)
547347 HSBC Commercial Card (UK in £)
547356 RBS Royal Bank of Scotland
547367 NatWest (RBS)
548009 Fifth Third Bank
5483 HypoVereinsbank (Germany)
548652 Banco de Chile Master Card Credit Card
548653 Banco de Chile Master Card Credit Card RUA
548673 Alfa Bank/Aeroflot
548674 Alfa Bank Credit Card (Russia)
548805 Hatton National Bank, Sri Lanka RUA
548901 Banco Santander MasterCard debit card (Spain)
548912 Banco Santander MasterCard debit card with chip (Spain)
548955 HOUSEHOLD BANK (NEVADA), N.A, (Orchard Bank M/C, HSBC Card Services) RUA
54896 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Peony American Express Gold Card China
5490 MBNA & Chase Platinum MasterCard Credit Cards
549035 MBNA American Bank [Now part of Bank of America]
549099 MBNA American Bank [Now part of Bank of America]
5491 AT&T Universal MasterCard Credit Card, now part of Citibank, also MBNA MasterCard Credit Cards
549104 Chase Manhattan Bank USA, N.A.
549110 HSBC Bank Nevada, N.A. issued Household Bank Platinum Mastercard
549113 Citibank MC
549123 USAA Federal Savings Bank Platinum
549409 HSBC Bank Nevada, NA Premier World Mastercard (credit card)
549471 Qantas Woolworths Everyday Mastercard (issued by HSBC)
55**** Mastercard
550619 „Skycard“ MasterCard Credit Card issued in UK in association with Barclaycard
551128 ITS Bank/SHAZAM (Interbank Network) Mastercard USA unclear if Debit or Credit
551167 ITS Bank/SHAZAM (Interbank Network) Mastercard USA unclear if Debit or Credit
551445 Cambridge Trust Company in Massachusetts, USA
5520 DBS POSB Everyday Platinum Mastercard (Singapore) / Royal Bank of Scotland Private Banking Platinum MasterCard
552033 Commonwealth Bank Platinum Awards MasterCard Credit Card
552038 POSB (DBS Bank) everyday Platinum MasterCard Credit Card
552093 Citibank Mastercard Platinum Credit Card (India)
5521 BC Platinum Mastercard
552157 Lloyds TSB Platinum Mastercard
552188 Tesco Bank Finest Platinum Mastercard (UK)
5522 NatWest Platinum Mastercard
552220 BC Platinum Mastercard issued by Woori Bank
552461 Morgan Stanley World Elite Mastercard
552594 CUETS Financial (Canada) Business Card
552724 Danske Bank MasterCard Direkt debit card (SE)
5528 Professional MasterCard issued by CitiBank
553421 Bank of Scotland Mastercard
553823 MIT Federal Credit Union Debit Mastercard
553985 First National Bank in Edinburg, USA
554346 Kookmin Bank Mastercard „Free Pass“ Debit Card
554544 Bank of Ireland
554564 Onyxcard
554619 Citibank Mastercard Silver Credit Card (India)
554641 Euro Kartensysteme Eurocard und Eurocheque gmbh
554827 POSBank MasterCard Debit Card (Singapore)
555005 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Corporate Mastercard
556951 Nat West Bank Mastercard
557098 Aqua Card Mastercard (UK)
5573 Metro Bank MasterCard Debit Card
557505 Bank Handlowy Mastercard Electronic Pay Pass (Karta Miejska) Debit Card (Poland)
557510 BRE Bank (MultiBank Mastercard Aquarius PayPass Debit Card(Poland)
557513 BRE Bank (MultiBank Mastercard PayPass Debit Card(Poland)
557552 Ally Bank Platinum Debit Card
557843 „Goldfish“ MasterCard Credit Card issued in UK by Morgan Stanley
557892 MasterCard Credit Card issued in Nordea Denmark
557905 Santander Mexico Debit Card
558108 Citizens Bank (Business Checking) Debit
558158 Paypal MasterCard Debit Card, JPMorgan Chase Bank, Formerly Bank One
5588 [Citibank] MasterCard Credit Card „Business“
558818 [Hdfc Bank] MasterCard Credit Card „Business Platinum“ India
558846 FIA

56 (Maestro)

560017 Comdata Card
560054 HSBC Bank USA, N.A. Maestro card (given to Online Savings account holders who do not hold a chequing account, this card does not carry a Mastercard logo and is mostly advertised in North America as an HSBC ATM card, although it does carry a Cirrus and Ma
560279 Commonwealth Bank of Australia Key Card
560373 Alliance and Leicester cash deposit card
561059 Australian Bank Card
561066 HSBC Bank Canada ATM Card
564100 Santander UK cash card
564120 Nationwide Cashbuilder ATM card.
564182 Switch (debit card) Debit Card
565659 Banco Santander Ferrari MasterCard credit card (Spain)
574085 Banco Santander Puerto Rico ATM/debit card
581353 Vancity ATM Card
581828 Credit Union (Ontario) debit cards
585048 Suntrust Banks ATM Card
585210 Citibank Greece ATM Card
586357 Branch Banking and Trust (BB&T) ATM Card
587781 Bank of America ATM Card
589297 TD Canada Trust Interac/ATM Card
589562 TARJETA NARANJA (Argentina)
588644 Citibank Korea International ATM Card
589242 National Bank of Greece Greece Debit Card
589261 Maestro (debit card) Pekao
589460 ‚Choice Card‘, issued by HSBC, for the Cold Storage chain
589732 Digital TV Converter Box $40.00 Coupons (USA) DTV2009.GOV
5898 All Korean Banks ATM/DEBIT Card
589856 Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) ATM Card
5899 MCB


600229 Wegmans Shoppers Card
600292,93,94 Hudson’s Bay Company
600315 Safeway
600649 Lowe’s Home Improvement Center gift card (also Radio Shack and GameStop and related companies)
601056 ValueLink stored value card (Starbucks, Borders Books, et al.)
601021 ARI Canada Ontario government
6011 Discover Card Credit Card
6012 BANESCO (former BancUnion) Maestro Debit card
601382 Bank of China Unionpay Debit card (GreatWall Debit Card)
6016 Bancolombia
601725 ING Direct Canada ATM Card
601859 A GAP card that carries GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy logos, issued by GE Money Bank.
601887 President’s Choice Financial Canada Debit Card (ATM/Interac)
6019 Brandsmart USA Credit Card
602700 Wichita State University „Shocker Card“ (a stored value card)
602969 CN Bank of Beijing Debit Card Visa Interlink/China UnionPay CNY
603207 Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Program
603367 (CN) Bank of Hangzhou Debit Card, China UnionPay
603411 Palm Desert National Bank, USA ( Money transfer debit card)
603450 Starbucks Card (Starbucks Europe Ltd)
6035 Citibank (Home Depot) Card
603528 STAPLES Canada Enterprise Credit Card (issued by Citi Cards Canada)
603753 McDonald’s Gift Card (serviced by ValueLink)
603798 KiwiBank Debit Card (Cirrus)
603948 OBI Petrol Card
6041 Walmart Canada Gift Card
6044 Ikea Credit Card (issued by Citi Cards Canada)
6045 Lowes (Canada) (issued by GE Money Canada)
604646 Scene LP (Cineplex Entertainment)
604976 Tim Hortons QuickPay Tim Card
6051 Starbucks Card USA & Canada
6060 Shinhan Card
606172 Club Sobeys (Canada)
606179 Commonwealth Finance Solutions Ltd
606469 Revolution MoneyExchange
606484 PRJ Financial Services Karum Group LLC


China UnionPay (6200** 6250**)
620013 Bank of Communications Hong Kong Branch Expo 2010 Shanghai China CUP Gift Card (Hong Kong)
620021 Bank of Communications Expo 2010 Shanghai China Prepaid Card (China)
621019 Zheshang Bank Debit Card (CN)
621041 Bank of China (Hong Kong) BOC Card Debit (Hong Kong)
621060 Woori Bank UnionPay Shanghai Tourism Card (China)
622200 CN ICBC Peony Money Link Card
622201 CN ICBC Peony Money Link Card
622202 CN ICBC Peony Money Link Card E Age
622203 CN ICBC Peony Money Link Card E Age
622208 CN ICBC Elite Club Account Card
622210 CN ICBC Peony Quasi Credit Card
622212 Chong Hing Bank China Unionpay Gift Card (Hong Kong)
622226 Bank of Communications Pacific Card Debit Card
622252 BestBuy UnionPay Credit Card by Bank of Communications/HSBC
622260 Bank of Communications Expo 2010 Shanghai China CUP Special Edition Debit Card (mainland China)
622372 The Bank of East Asia Platinum Credit Card (Hong Kong)
622309 Zheshang Bank Debit Card (CN)
622379 Qilu Bank (????) Debit Card (CN)
622381 CCB (Asia) CUP Credit Card (Hong Kong)
622409 Hang Seng Bank Green Banking Smart Card Debit (Hong Kong)
622410 Hang Seng Bank Hang Seng Card Debit (Hong Kong)
622492 DBS Octopus ATM Card Debit (Hong Kong)
6225 Shanghai Pudong Development Bank UnionPay
622568 Guangdong Development Bank Debit(China UnionPay) Card (CN)
622630/31/32/33 China Huaxia Bank Debit card, China Unionpay(CN)
622659 CHINA EVERBRIGHT BANK Debit and Credit All in One Card (CN)
622700 China Construction Bank Debit(China UnionPay) Card (CN)
622752 Bank of China China UnionPay Credit Card (CN)
622789 Bank of China China UnionPay Platinum Credit Card (SG)
622933 Bank of East Asia UnionPay Debit Card (China)
622942 Standard Chartered UnionPay Debit Card (China)
622974 AEON Prepaid UnionPay Card (Hong Kong)
625040 BOC CUP Dual Currency Credit Card HKD Account (Hong Kong)
625041 BOC CUP Dual Currency Credit Card CNY Account (Hong Kong)
6270** 6281**
627397 Wild Oats Gift Card
627421 Aeroplan (Air Canada)
627692 Dexit
6277** iCard (issued by ICICI Bank Canada)
627895 virtual money inc
628181 Sears Card (issued by Chase Cards Canada)


630490 Bank of Ireland Laser/Maestro debit card
630495 National Irish Bank Laser/Maestro debit card
630499 permanent tsb Laser/Maestro debit card
63191 British Home Stores Bhs credit card
633174 Co operative membership card
633300 to 633349 Maestro Cards
633450 to 633499 Solo Cards
633513 Midlands Co operative Society membership card
633540 Argos Card
633641 Post Office Card Account card
633675 G T
633676 HMV Gift Card
633698 G T
633791 Commonwealth Finance Solutions Ltd
633834 Debenhams Store Card by Santander Plc
633845 Subway Subcard (UK)
636325 Sahand Samaneh Mahpa Co Loyalty Card (IR)
639300 Malina loyalty card (RU)

65 Discover

655639 BC Global Card issued by Kyongnam Bank
6660 Citibank ATM Card (Hong Kong)

67 Maestro (vorher Solo)

670695 Allied Irish Banks Maestro/Laser card (Ireland)
6709 Laser Debit Card
6718 RBS Cashline ATM Cards, Cirrus Branded
672*** girocard Debit Cards (Germany)
6759** VARIOUS BANKS (UK) Maestro (formerly Switch) debit cards
675922 Clydesdale Bank Maestro debit card
675940 HSBC (UK) Maestro Debit card
675964 RBS Maestro Debit Card, with £100 Cheque Guarantee
675967 NatWest Maestro Debit Card, with £100 Cheque Guarantee
675968 NatWest Maestro Debit Card, with £250 Cheque Guarantee
6761** Maestro debit card
676165 Maestro debit card CSOB Bank (CZ)
676378 BZWBK (PL) Maestro PayPass
676398 ING Bank Slaski (PL) Maestro PayPass
676481 HSBC Bank (Turkey) Maestro debit card
676613 Citibank (PL) Maestro debit card
6767xx VARIOUS BANKS (UK) Solo; xx indicates the bank in the UK national sort code system.
676953 Pekao (PL) Maestro debit card
676969 Eurobank EFG (GR) Maestro debit card
6771 VARIOUS BANKS Laser debit card
677310 Garantibank (RO)
677574 Intesa SanPaolo Maestro debit card
677594 Alior Bank (PL) Maestro debit card


7001 Best Buy Credit Card (private label card issued by HSBC Bank Nevada)
7021 Best Buy Credit Card (private label card issued by HSBC Bank Nevada)


9280 BSW Bonus Card (

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Köpfe: Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis war ein hinsichtlich seiner Herkunft nicht erfasster Mann (46), der am 29. November 2011 in Dover-Foxcroft (ME) von der Polizei erschossen wurde.

Dokumentiert: Trump auf twitter – 29. November 2011

Der 29. November 2011 war ein Dienstag und der 940. Tag von @realdonaldtrump beim Kurznachrichtendienst. Er schrieb an diesem Tag 9 Tweets, die zusammen insgesamt 27.694 Likes sowie 38.349 Retweets erhielten. Die tweets finden Sie hier bald.